Wilwood 120-9687 | Dynapro Single Caliper | 2-Piston x .25"-.38" Rotor Width


SKU: 120-9687

Dynapro Single

The DynaPro Single (DPS) billet caliper is the newest generation of calipers available as an upgrade or replacement for applications previously using the Dynalite Single (DLS) series. DPS calipers combine superior strength with performance enhancements to make these the best "Dyna" series calipers ever.

Calipers are fully CNC machined from premium grade alloy billet. The FEA generated body design incorporates a fortified transition between the piston housings and the bridges. Strengthening this critical area has substantially increased its resistance to deflection and body separation under load. Reductions in overall deflection, and the subsequent decreases in fluid volume displacement, translate to increased clamping efficiency with less pedal travel.

The DPS is loaded with exclusive Wilwood performance enhancements. The calipers feature Quick-E-Clip pad retainers that support a 6812 type brake pad from the top. In addition to fast pad service without caliper removal, this feature provides substantially stronger retention over the single Quick-Clip pin and 7012 type pads used in the previous DLS models.

Piston Count 2
Piston Area (in²) 2.40
Piston Type Stainless
Dust Boot No
Rotor Dimensions
Rotor Width(in)  0.25" - 0.38"
Rotor Diameter(in) 6" - 13"
Pad Dimensions
Pad Area (in²) 3
Pad Volume (in³) 1.1
Duty Rating & Material
Material Aluminum
Weight(Lbs) 2.3
Colors & Finish
Color Anodize
Finish Type III Anodize
Mount Center(in) 3.25
Mount Position
Mount Side Universal
Mount Type Lug