Wilwood 7516 Series Brake Pads - 5.99" Width x .65" Thick


SKU: 15E-10228K

Since 1977 Wilwood Engineering has developed a substantial matrix of brake components, and brake systems for almost any application. When it comes to brake pads, Wilwood offers an extensive range of sizes and compounds to accommodate performance needs from the recreation market to competition vehicles. Wilwood offers a wide range of specialty compounds that deliver unmatched performance within their respective temperature and friction ranges.


    PolyMatrix E Street Performance / Racing Pads 

    • Medium friction, high effective temperarture range in medium temperature pad group.
    • Smooth engagement, Flat torque curve
    • Consistent, linear response through temperature range.
    • Baseline for light to intermediate dirt applications with vented iron rotors.
    • Drag racing with steel rotors.
    • Auto-cross and lighter duty road racing
    • Low wear rate, Street Use OK

      BP-20 Street Performance / Racing Pads

      • Medium friction, highest effective temperature range in medium temperature pad group.
      • Smooth engagement, torque curve increases in relation to temperature
      • High performance street compound with increased friction and a wider temperature range over BP-10.
      • Beds quickly and provides fast response without high rotor abrasion.
      • Baseline pad for track oriented street cars.
      • Moderate wear rate at high temperature, Street use OK