Tilton Starter 54-41053 (Type 1 Mounting)


SKU: 54-41053

40000-Series Super Starters feature the torque and speed needed to start large displacement, high-compression engines, made possible by a powerful 3.0 HP (2.2kW) motor and 3.75:1 gear reduction drive assembly. Tilton’s Heavy Duty solenoid (P/N 54-422HD) comes standard beginning August 2015, allowing 40000-Series Super Starters to reliably handle 16 volts and provide the extra speed needed to spin engines fast enough for locked-out magnetos.


  • Powerful 3.0 HP motor and gear reduction provides high torque to start large, high compression engines.
  • Heavy Duty solenoid reliably handles 16 volts
  • Precision machined components are held to critical tolerances, ensuring high performance and reliability.
  • Internal vibration damping and electrical insulation provide longevity and maximum performance.
  • Thread locking compound is used on all fasteners and are secured to precise specifications.
  • Serrated belleville lock washers are used to ensure fasteners stay in place through severe vibrations and heat cycles.

    Fitment confirmed on the following transaxles;

    • Type 1 Swing Axle
    • Type 1 IRS
    • Type 2 - "002" bellhousing
    • Albins 10" Gearbox (Type 1 Bellhousing)
    • Mendeola MD Series 
    • Mendeola S4/S5 Series (Type 1 Bellhousing)
    • PBS S4/S5 Series (Type 1 Bellhousing)
    • Weddle HV-1
    • Weddle HV-25
    • Fortin 4/5 Speed "H Pattern" Transaxles (Type 1 Bellhousing)
    • Fortin 4/5/6 Speed "Sequential" Transaxles (Type 1 Bellhousing)