Tilton 76 Series Master Cylinders


SKU: 76-625

Tilton’s 76-series master cylinders incorporate new features, such as the added top outlet port, to provide universal appeal. 76-Series master cylinders retain the rear port to continue to match the function of the old version, while the added extra-deep top port enables the use of a banjo fitting.


  • Flange-mount onto pedal assemblies with 2.25” center-to-center
    mounting studs
  • Aluminum alloy body is black anodized for corrosion resistance
  • 1.1” stroke
  • Dual AN3 outlet port options (rear & top). Top outlet port is deep
    for use with most banjo fittings. Rear outlet port is standard
    depth AN3 spec.
  • 7/16”-20 inlet port
  • Fits Tilton 600-Series and 800-Series (clutch only) pedal
    assemblies/balance bars
  • Addition of a top AN-3 outlet port (along with the original rear outlet port) allows for more flexibility with plumbing.
  • Optional use of either port to connect to a brake pressure sensor, bleed port, brake light switch, and more.
  • Top outlet port is compatible with both AN-3 and banjo fittings.
  • Both outlet ports can now be used with standard fittings without the need for modification or adapters.
  • Lighter, more compact body design provides additional clearance.

Installation Instructions: