SXS Front Drive Oil | 16 Ounce | MAXIMA 40-45916


SKU: 40-45916

Full synthetic, ester-based fluid formulated specifically for use in SXS/ATV/UTV front drives, differentials and hubs. Surface-active, oxidatively stable formulation maintains excellent film thickness and viscosity stability across all operating temperatures, delivering maximum anti-wear and extreme pressure performance for workhorse and racing machines alike. Advanced chemistry maximizes lubricity and efficiency while preventing corrosion, foaming and clutch chatter. For use in Polaris Ranger, RZR and Sportsman front drives, differentials and hubs calling for Polaris Demand Drive Fluid. Not for use in applications specifying API GL-5 gear oils.

SKU: 40-45916

  • Shear-stable formula provides superior protection from wear
  • Superior protection and oxidative stability at any temperature
  • Surface-active chemistry aggressively attaches to surfaces, keeping them clean and corrosion-free
  • Uniquely formulated for optimal engagement and release
  • Advanced chemistry improves efficiency and lubricity
  • TDS
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