Swepco 165 MOLY-XP Grease | 14.4oz | Grease Cartridge


SKU: 165

Swepco 165 Moly-XP Extreme Pressure Grease is a high performance multiservice lubricant formulated to deliver unsurpassed protection and sealing of a wide range of processes and equipment. SWEPCO’s Syntheon synthetic base stocks, over-based calcium sulfonate base and advanced additive chemistry, such as MolyXP and Lubium® II, provide superior lubrication, wear resistance, corrosion and rust resistance and sealing for all types of industrial applications. Insure proper operation, longer life and less downtime with SWEPCO 165. 

SKU: 165

  • 14.4 Ounce Grease Gun Cartridge - sold individually 
  • Recommended for heavy equipment, open gears, steel mills, construction & other types of processes
  • Helps protect metal surfaces from wear caused by metal to metal contact & abrasive materials
  • High viscosity polymers & solids with exceptional metal surface adhesion help seal bearings ... preventing leaks, entry of abrasives & loss of operation pressures
  • Excellent protection from corrosion caused by water, alcohols, glycols, CO2 , H2 S, & other solvents and caustic chemicals
  • Compatible with all commonly used seal materials
  • Will not harm advanced metallurgy or coatings
  • Wide temperature range (10°F to 750°F intermittent)
  • Resists high temperature oxidation, thinning & bleeding
  • Reduces pressure related problems & downtime
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