SC-14 All Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser - 5 Gallon Pail



SC-14® is a ready-to-use, all-purpose cleaner that is biodegradable, non-corrosive (near-neutral pH), environmentally safe and user friendly. It can clean tough grease, grime, soil and hydrocarbons, and yet is still safe for use on sensitive surfaces such as painted metals, diamond plate and chrome.

SC-14® does not contain caustic ingredients such as Sodium Hydroxide or Sodium Metasilicate used in other commonly available cleaners that can permanently damage and dull your painted surfaces, metals, glass and decals.

SC-14® is an effective cleaner for …

• Engines / Heavy Equipment
• Trucks / Tractors / Machinery & Tools
• Use in parts cleaner on sensitive & high performance components
• Grease Traps - pour it in to clean & maintain proper function

• Engine, parts, and surface cleaning
• Safe for use on wheels and other metal components - will not affect chrome or aluminium!
• Ideal for high performance/race vehicles - safe on sensitive equipment, leaves no residue

• Use on Hospitality, Shop, Warehouse, Manufacturing floors, walls and work surfaces
• Permanently removes oily residue to prevent slippage hazards
• Waste liquid can be reclaimed using oil/water separator or grease traps
• Ideal for maintaining grease traps and tanks/vessels used for holding oily substances

• Safe on Chrome and painted surfaces! Keep your bike clean and in original condition...

• Safely clean exterior chrome, diamond plate, painted surfaces and fiberglass without fading, corrosion or damage
• Safe for gray water tank - clean your metal appliances, sinks and equipment

• Use to clean oil, grease and other spills from decks, engine compartments, and inboard/outboard motors
• Add to bilge to keep free of oil (biodegradable and safe for the environment)
• Safe to wash chrome and aluminimum boat components
• Non-Corrosive - won't damage gel coat or other surfaces

• BBQs, Smokers, and Outdoor Kitchens
• Building siding and exterior walls, ladders and walkways

• Clean your stainless steel appliances, range hoods
• Safe on counter tops, tile, and other kitchen surfaces
• Remove grease stains from tile grout
• Doesn't leave an oily residue like most stainless steel cleaners!
• Safe for home use, non-hazardous cleaner

• High Performance Paints / Painted Surfaces
• Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Fiberglass

Safely Remove Hydrocarbons and other Organic-based Contaminants


Instead of using aggressive solvents and surfactants designed to strip dirt from surfaces (while also damaging the surfaces being cleaned themselves), SC-14® is engineered to physically BOND with oil, grease and other organic contaminants containing hydrocarbons, overpowering their attraction to the surface being cleaned. 

Effective & Permanent Removal of Oil, Grease and Soot

SC-14® is a demulsifier, the opposite of most degreasers, soaps, and solvents. Demulsifiers repel water, which means that once SC-14® has bonded with a organic soil containing hydrocarbons, it floats to the surface of the your cleaning solution, and can no longer reattach to other surfaces.

This is especially important in any cleaning task where a residue-free result is imperative, such as facility cleaning to avoid slippage hazards, equipment and tool cleaning for maximum performance, and pre-treatment of surfaces for application of paints or decals.

Clean Metals, Painted Finishes, Decals, Fiberglass and more...

SC-14® is engineered to be safe on almost every surface - metals, painted finishes, decals and even specialty or untreated metals like chrome and exposed aluminium are enhanced by the safe cleaning power of SC-14®.

Clean your tools, heavy equipment, or toys with the same advanced cleaner and enjoy our 3X Protection for your peace of mind.