Safecraft Model LT Fire Suppression Systems



Safecraft’s Model LT is considered the “gold standard” of the industry. More racers and professional race teams use the Model LT than any other system. The modular design and standard features makes it the first choice for all motorsports. All Safecraft LT Systems come complete, and fully charged. Recharge available for all LT systems after use. Model LT systems contain Fluoro FS Fire Protection Fluid – highly effective, electrically non-conductive, leaves no residue and the most environmentally friendly agent available.

  • SFI 17.1 Certification 

  • Dual Pull Cables (15ft) - Dual Activation head for Driver / Co-Driver activation

  • Aluminum Discharge Tube (10ft) with 3 nozzles & adapter fittings

  • Mounting Bracket with Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps for a secure installation

 Model Agent Quantity (MAX)  Overall Length Cylinder Diameter Nominal Weight
LT5 5-lbs 16.0" 4.0" 7-lbs
LT10 10-lbs 17.7" 5.2" 15-lbs