PRP Podium Elite Series Seats (4-Color Options)


SKU: A9101-201

Built for Off-Road! The NEW Podium Elite Series suspension seat features a redesigned look, added lateral leg support for better containment, a thinner split bottom cushion allowing for left leg support while the right leg is extended, and larger harness openings for easier adjustments. The bottom cushion is made with a top layer of memory foam to help the cushion form to your body. Designed to remain comfortable after several hours in race conditions, the Podium Elite Series is our top suspension race seat. Maximum comfort and containment. Built for racing. PRP logo embroidery is standard.


Options available for Special Order for an additional fee;

  • Rear Pocket ($ Call for Estimate)
  • Water Pak ($ Call for Estimate)
  • Seat Heater (On-Off) ($ Call for Estimate)
  • Adjustable Air Lumbar Support ($ Call for Estimate)
  • Custom Colors ($ Call for Estimate)
  • Custom Materials ($ Call for Estimate)
  • Custom Embroidered Logo ($ Call for Estimate)
  • 38″ Tall X 22″ Wide X 26″ Deep  
  • 23.5″ Wide at the shoulders
  • Mounting Area: 14″ Wide x 18″ Front to Back

Due to many options available, usual lead time of 4-6 weeks build time, call to confirm. For Custom orders & any questions please call - McKenzie's