ProAm Racing 934 Plunging CV Joints - 33 Spline

ProAm Racing


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ProAm Racing starts with stock plunging OEM CV Joints, and performs the following modifications;

  • ProAm utilizes OEM 33 spline CV star
  • ProAm utilizes the OEM CV body, and performs machined modifications to match existing stub axles, drive flanges, and hub setups. 
  • ProAm Racing manufactured 300M aircraft alloy CV cages are the choice of high horsepower, to race applications that demand nothing but the best. 
  • ProAm Racing preforms a "prep and polish" on all CV Joint components. ProAm Racing has developed a combination of exclusive processes to our CV Joints that separates what ProAm has to offer vs the competition. 
  • Stock CV Body assemblies weight 6.7 lbs each
  • Lightened CV Body assemblies weight 5.7 lbs each