Peterson 2 Gallon Dry Sump Tanks


SKU: 08-0005

Peterson oil tanks are the leader in tank technology. Manufactured using aircraft quality components, internal baffling provides excellent deaeration of the scavenge oil while maintaining a tall column of oil over the pickup. The tanks disassemble easily and the tank tops can rotate in relation to the bottoms for ease in fitting placement.

  • -12AN Female Fittings
  • All Aluminum construction for light weight
  • Built using high quality spinnings
  • Hand tig welded and pressure tested
  • Fully baffled inside for oil and air control
  • Height: 19.5" / 49.53cm 
  • Diameter: 6" / 15.24cm
  • Plumbing Diagram 

Flat Mount Tank Straps Sold Separately - PAIR- (PET-08-0100)



Product Note

  • Peterson Oil tanks are rated in gallons of total capacity. A good rule of thumb is to run the tank about 2/3 full. When you first fill the tank, make a dipstick using a wood dowel or use a tape measure down through the cap and get a measurement as you put in each quart of oil. This can then be used to check the oil level on race night. After starting the engine, recheck the level and add oil as necessary to get about 2/3 full. If you find that you are blowing oil out of the breather, try lowering the level in the tank by about a quart. Blowing oil is often the result of the tank being too full.