Off-Road Coolant | 64 Ounce | Maxima 89-83964


SKU: 89-83964

Off-Road Ultra Coolant optimized formula helps reduce and maintain lower overall operating temperatures. Tested and proven in extreme forms of off-road racing by top racers in desert racing. Synergistic blend of additives provide protection against cavitation, foaming, rust, corrosion, while providing lubrication to the water pump and seals. Specially designed formula for use in steel, aluminum, and magnesium engines.

SKU: 89-83964

  • FREEZE POINT (°C) D1177 -9.4 (15.0°F)
  • BOILING POINT (°C) D1120 104.0 (219.2°F)
  • BOILING POINT (°C) 22 psi cap 140.7 (285.2°F)
  • Premixed with pure, deionized water for optimum performance and convenience
  • 100% biodegradable in unused form
  • Enables maximum horsepower by controlling engine temperatures

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