Neo 15W50 Synthetic Engine oil | Gallon

NEO Synthetics


Neo 15w50 Engine Oil. High Performance Lubricants contain a specially formulated additive that causes a plating action which impregnates the metal surfaces, thereby improving the surface, thus lowering friction. Engine Oil is the principle coolant for the pistons, main bearings, rod bearings, and camshaft. It alone removes up to 18% of the heat that is generated by the engine. NEO has a greater tolerance to heat than most oil which begin to lose actual volume from exposure to heat at 115'C, into longer engine life. Neo Lubricants withstand thermal breakdown and maintain their viscosity better than any other motor oils, and provide the ultimate in uncompromised engine protection.   

  • 15W50 Synthetic 
  • Exceeds API Service SL/SJ/CF