Monster Tire Seal

Monster Seal

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          Features and Benefits:
  • Prevents flat tires due to tread area punctures
  • Quickly repairs flats due to tread area punctures
  • Works for the legal life of both on & off road tires
  • Works in both tubeless and tube-type tires
  • Prevents costly downtime and expenses
  • Seals up to 1/4” in diameter punctures in tubeless tires
  • Seals up to 3/4” in diameter in heavier ply industrial tires
  • Seals up to 1/8” in diameter punctures in tube-type tires
  • Helps seal small bead and rim leaks
  • Coats the inside of tire to help maintain air pressure
  • Helps improve tire life & fuel economy
  • Water soluble & biodegradable
  • Non-hazardous & non-flammable
  • Remains liquid for the life of the tire
  • Remains homogenous (premixed) in the bottle and in the tire
  • Stays pH neutral in the bottle and in the tire
  • Will not corrode wheels or harm tires
  • Can be used in all types of rims and wheels
  • Does not cause tire imbalance when properly used
  • Heavy Duty formula will not harm tire sensors
  • Heavy Duty may not install through all TPMS valve stems
  • Premixed and ready to use - no mixing
  • Monster Seal is fast, safe and easy to use
  • Monster Seal ships worldwide as a non-hazardous product
  • Monster Seal... It Just Works®
  • Monster Seal SDS

 Installation Instructions 


Commercial on road use:  Tire Height X Tire Width ➗ 10 = ounces per tire

Commercial off road high flat rate use: Tire Height X Tire Width ➗ 5 = OZ per tire

Passenger vehicle use: Tire Height X Tire Width ➗ 27 = ounces per tire

Most passenger vehicles will use either: 8, 10 or 12 ounces per tire depending on size.

Off Road Race tire use: Tire Height X Tire Width ➗ 10 = ounces per tire. 

Scroll down for information regarding Off-Road race tires. 

The 5-Gal. Pump Kit includes detailed instructions and a tire ounce chart. 

Example ounces per tire for passenger light truck tires traveling on the highway:

- 35 X 12.5 / 18 = 18 ounces per tire

- 37 X 12.5 / 18 = 18 ounces per tire

- 350/70 R18 = 18 ounces per tire

- 285/70 R17 = 14 ounces per tire

Example ounces per tire for RV tires:

- Class A / Super C - 40 ounces per tire

- Class B - 20 ounces per tire 

- Class C - 12 ounces per tire

- Trailers - 16 ounces per tire

More example ounces per tire:

- Bike - 4oz tube type tire, 6oz tubeless tire

- Motorcycle - 8 ounces front and rear tires

- Passenger car - 8 to 10 ounces per tire

- SUV - 10 to 12 ounces 

- ATV - 16oz front  & 24oz to 32oz rear

- UTV - 32 ounces for all UTV tire sizes

- Wheel Barrow - 8 ounces

- Golf Cart - 20 ounces 

- Riding Mower - 16oz to 24oz front, 24oz to 40oz Rear 

- Skid Steer Loader: 10.00-16.5 - 64oz, 12.00-16.5 - 84oz

- Back Hoe Tractor: Front Tire: 64oz,  Rear Tire: 220oz

- Semi Truck: Over the road - 46oz,  High flat rate - 70oz

- Dump Truck:  over the road 46oz, High flat rate: - 70oz

- Roll-Off Container / Garbage Truck: 70oz per tire

- Heavy Equipment Trailer: 32oz per tire

- Trailers - RV, Camper, Motorcycle: 16oz per tire regardless of size


The following are the recommended ounces to use for OFF ROAD RACE TIRES:

(UTV Tires: 30-32oz)   (33" Tires: 40oz)   (37" Tires:  50oz)   (39-40" Tires:  60oz) 

Or, use formula: Tire Height X Full Tire Width (Sidewall to Sidewall) 10 = OZ Per Tire. 

Most race teams use the 5-gallon (640 ounce) pails with our reusable hand pump kit. The hand pump allows for the quick installation through the valve stem without deflating the tire. The 5-gallon pump overcomes up to 40 psi tire pressure. Monster Seal can be injected into a race tire in about 1-2 minutes.



MONSTER SEAL is easy to install through the tire valve stem from a small squeeze bottle, a one gallon jug with a small one ounce hand pump, or from a five gallon container using our hand injection pump kit. Our 5-gallon hand pump will overcome up to 40 psi tire pressure, so you don't need to fully deflate your tires to install Monster Seal from a 5-Gallon container.  

The hand pump is adjustable and will inject up to ten (10) ounces per full pump stroke.  All of our containers include a valve core removal tool, easy to follow instructions and tire size charts on the labels. The 5-gallon hand pump kit includes a valve core removal tool, detailed tire size / ounce per tire chart, and installation instructions. It only takes a few minutes to install Monster Seal into most tires with the hand pump from a five gallon pail. 


- Position the tire valve core between 1-5 or 7-11 o'clock 

1. Remove the valve core from the valve stem. (Valve core tool included with pump kit)

2. Deflate the tire to under 40 psi - (leave some air pressure in the tire)

3. Attach the quick connect hose fitting onto the valve stem. 

4. Pump the sealant into the tire (pump injects up to 10 ounces per stroke)

(If pump clogs - do not force it. Back the connector off the stem and allow pressure in the tire to free the clog, or use a firm piece of wire to clear the clog and continue pumping. 

5. Insert the valve core back into the valve stem

6. Inflate the tire to the correct pressure listed on the sidewall of the tire.

7. When the vehicle is driven, the sealant will coat the inside of the tire.

8. If tire contains puncturing object, remove it and drive at least 1/4 mile to make a seal


- Position the tire valve core between 1-5 or 7-11 o'clock 

- Valve core tool and filling hose under bottle cap. 

- Snip off end of the pointed nozzle on the cap and attach hose to end of nozzle.

1. Remove the tire valve core and fully deflate the tire - remove all air pressure

2. Place the hose over the valve stem.

3. Squeeze the bottle to inject the recommended ounces of sealant into the tire

4. Install the valve core back into the valve stem

5. Inflate the tire to proper air pressure note on the side of the tire

6. If tire contains puncturing object, remove it and drive at least 1/4 mile to make a seal

7. If tire delates, re-inflate and drive further to make a seal.

Monster Seal is designed to seal tread area punctures and small rim and bead leaks.


We have manufactured a special "Monster Seal Pneumatic Injection Pump and Air Hose and Inflator System" which quickly installs Monster Seal without deflating the tire.  Our patent pending installation tool connects to the valve stem and quickly removes the valve core back into a connected chamber.  After the sealant is installed, the valve core is screwed back into the valve stem. The attached air hose and inflator is used to ensure the tire has the correct air pressure. 

The pneumatic pump works with your air compressor/source and reduces the installation time by up to 75% or more. The pump system can be used with a five gallon pail or a 55 gallon drum. Our pneumatic injection system includes a 25 foot combined sealant and air hoses, and a tire gauge and an inflator.  It only takes about two minutes to install 46 ounces into a large truck, Class A, and class Super C RV tire. It takes less than two minutes to install the sealant into a RV trailer tire


- Set the pump air pressure meter on pump to 100 to 120 psi

1. Attach the special Monster Seal installation tool to the tire valve stem.

2. Use the special tool to unscrew the valve core.  Leave the air pressure in the tire.

3. Inject the Monster Seal into the tire. The pump includes an ounce meter. 

4. Clear the valve with shot of air with the attached inflator hose.

5. Screw the valve core back into the valve stem.

6. Set the correct tire air pressure using the attached inflator/tire gauge. 

7. Remove the special Monster Seal tool from the tire valve stem.

8. Attach the special tool to the valve stem vent on the side of the 5-gallon pail.