Limit Strap Clevis | Triple Strap | SpeedStrap 18904

Speed Strap

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SpeedStrap 18904

SpeedStrap Limit Strap Clevis -Triple Slot for up to three straps.

Limit strap failure is caused by 2 elements: abrasion and mis-alignment. An adjustable clevis gives the ability to adjust your limit strap to the desired length, as well as allow the strap to articulate and pull straight. Allows you to install 1, 2 or 3 limiting straps per clevis.

Over time, the combined weight of the wheels/tires/arms pulling on the limit strap causes them to stretch (typically 1″ of stretch for every 12″ of strap). Because of this, most customers measure and adjust for that stretch when they purchase a strap (24″ measurement – needs a 22″ strap to compensate for stretch). Which means that when the strap is new, it will be limiting travel by an extra amount (2″)… then as the strap stretches over time, that number will decrease, and come closer to the ideal limiting measurement (24″).

With an adjustable clevis, you have the ability to fine tune that measurement. Limiting the travel enough to protect your shocks and CV’s, with out having to also limit travel by an extra amount. As the strap stretches out, simply adjust the clevis to re-tighten the strap. Keeping it at the optimal length to prevent damage to the shocks, or binding the CV’s.