Klixon Push Button Breakers - 3TC Series - 30/35 AMP


SKU: 3TC7-30

 Klixon single–phase TC devices are the smallest, lightest, high performance aircraft circuit breakers available today. They represent the state-of-the-art protection of today’s aerospace power systems. Their light weight and small size make them especially well suited for aircraft, avionics and electronic systems. The Klixon trademark has set the standard for aerospace circuit breakers. For a small, light weight configuration, the TC series offers the endurance and reliability required by exacting military specifications..

•Miniature size
•Light weight
•Trip–free design
•Options include: longer push button, high vibration, random vibration, metric mounting thread, metric terminal thread, dust boot (part #14500-1 fits 15/32 bushing, part #14500-5 fits 7/16 bushing), terminal hardware
•AS58091 qualified
•Current rating: 30 to 35 amps
•Coordinated ratings
•High vibration resistance (option)
•High interrupting capacity
•Typical use: Where ambient temperature exceeds the 160°F (71°C) maximum of non–ambient compensated thermal circuit breakers