King Shocks SJ1001 | Screw Jack


SKU: SJ1001

The King screw Jack was conceived as a tough lightweight jacking device to replace awkward and heavy floor jacks carried onboard race vehicles. The King screw jack is a mechanical design that does not rely on hydraulic fluid to lift your vehicle and has a weight capacity of up to 3800 lbs. The screw actuating nut is the same ¾" hex size that your lug nuts use. The screw jack can be raised or lowered by your existing electric impact gun or lug wrench without changing sockets for quick wheel changes. The jacking boss is adjustable up and down on the jack body to compensate for the height of your vehicle. The jacking range is a full 16" to provide enough ground clearance for even the tallest tires.

King screw jacks are manufactured with the same quality materials and tight tolerances as our race shocks and can be made in custom colors. A King race jack will provide peace of mind and ease of operation when you need it most, don't get caught without one.