Kennedy 8in Pressure Plates - 200mm


SKU: 11-200-01

KEP 200mm VW pressure plates

Our 200mm heavy duty pressure plates have been designed to improve reliability under severe racing conditions. They are made in USA from all new material. They are jig assembled, balanced and tested to our high standards. 

  • Made in USA by KEP to exact tolerances.
  • Balanced within 0.4 oz inch
  • Black color is rustproof and durable
  • 100% more torque can be transmitted if a double disc clutch is used


This clutch comes in four load ratings. Be careful that you do not order a stronger clutch than you need. Torque capacities using a stock disc are shown below.

  • STOCK 200mm (Listed for comparison.) Handles 134 ft. lb. of torque.
  • STAGE I - Intended to handle any street VW and smaller lower torque engines. Handles 180 ft. lb. of torque.
  • STAGE II - Works good in high horsepower VW sandbuggies and most other competition VW uses where the driver is determined to either win or break. Handles 220 ft. lb. of torque.
  • STAGE III - Will handle a low compression 305 CID Chevrolet V8 for street use. Handles 260 ft. lb. of torque.
  • STAGE IV - Used by some drag racers who are running very large VW engines and nitrous and drop the hammer at 8000 RPM using an organic disc. Handles 300 of torque.
  • Aluminum clutch face is available with tungston carbide wear surface. Saves 2 pounds of rotating mass.

    Triple Disk Components & Kits available - Special Order Only - Call to Order