Grip Lock Ties | Black & Red 12in - 70lb Rating

Grip Lock


40 Pack of 12in long Black with Red rubber lining. Optional Black with Blue & Orange lining coming soon!

Releasable GripLockTies were invented and patented initially for Air Racing to solve the problems or ordinary zip ties that are either too tight and break or too loose and move around.GripLockTies Innovative Rubber Lined Zip Ties solve the problems of damaged wires and cuts into structure and paint.Everyone in aviation knows (or should know) not to put ordinary zip ties on Engine Mounts.Old-style ties will loosen when the pressure deforms the wire and cut the wires or worse, cut through the paint and structure and cause damage.But with Rubber-Lined GripLockTies the rubber lining pads the wires and structure and holds it stable under vibration and eliminates the damage of old slip ties saving time, weight and money over Adel Clamps.GripLockTies were developed for aviation and racing with UV protection, higher heat rating and a super strong positive latch and can be repositioned during construction and then clipped flush.

      • .29" wide are rated at 70 pounds but our Production Quality control requires testing to >100% more then rated strength.
      • Nominal width of strap (inches): .29

      • Nominal Length (inches): 12.3

      • Temperature Limits: Operating temperature (-40ºF/-40ºC) to (221ºF/105ºC)

Question:  Do they have metal clips?

      • Awesome Answer: No They Don't and that is a good thing as it allows the releasable feature. Metal clips work by cutting into the strap and often have a lower strength rating because when stressed they finish cutting into the strap. The Quality Nylon on many metal clip ties is what makes them stronger than cheap ties, It's not really the clip. Testing proves that the Dupont nylon and the strong GripLockTies deep teeth engagement surpasses other Metal clip ties.


      • Plastic: Dupont Zytel, UV Resistant Black, Toughened, Heat Stabilized, Impact Modified, Nylon 66-1 ISO1043, Non Magnetic & Non Conductive
      • Elastomer Rubber Liner: Protection Adhesion Promoted Thermoplastic Elastomer, ShoreA 58 A ASTMD2240
      • Elongation at Break >375% 
      • Compression set of 25% ASTM D395B.
      • Flammability: UL94, UL 746A,  IEC 60695-11-10

      • Water Absorption: Immersion 24 Hour ISO 62 0.9%