Fram HP4 Oil Filter



FRAM Racing® Filters are optimized for both racing and high performance street cars, and are compatible with all oil types. Feel confident knowing a heavy-gauge tapping plate and an extra-thick* steel can will withstand the high pressure flexing caused by demanding driving conditions. A spiral-shaped center tube provides protection against collapse, and tough steel end caps add even more durability. A screen-over 22psi filter bypass valve provides additional protection against larger contaminants.


Anti-Drainback Valve YES
Base Gasket I.D. 3.087
Base Gasket O.D. 3.285
Base Gasket Thickness 0.275
Buyers Guide PH5, PH30* GM - Chevrolet Applications *Taller Filter Option Use Only if Space Permits
By-Pass Valve Setting 16-28 PSI
Height 5.53
Inside Diameter 13/16-16
Outside Diameter 3.608
Turning Specification 1