Eibach 0800.250.0600S | 8.00" Long x 2.50" ID x 600lb Shock Coil | NLA


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Eibach produces the finest racecar springs in the world. Period. To produce springs with unparalleled precision and repeatability, Eibach uses the world’s finest HiTen spring steel, produced to exceedingly precise tolerances–according to Eibach specs. Each spring is individually tested and rated, then powder coated with Offroad Series "Silver". All Eibach Springs have a Lifetime Warranty. 

  • 800-250-600S
  • Free Length: 8.00"
  • Inner Diameter: 2.50"
  • Rate: 600lbs
  • Block Height: 3.59"
  • Load at Block Height: 2,646lbs
  • Coil Weight: 3.53lbs
  • Made in USA