Dumpcan Hose Kits


SKU: H225150

The HUNSAKER QuikFill Dumpcan hose kit allows for quicker fuel stops. Its flexible hose connects to the dumpcans pour spout and makes it easy to handle and to engage your vehicles fill neck. The extra hose length also allows for holding the dumpcan in a more comfortable position while pouring.

Hose - 16.0 inches in length with 3 hose clamps.
Pour spout nozzle with expansion spout plug to seal the nozzles opening.                                                         

Spout Dimensions:

  • #H225150 : Outside Diameter: 1.50" Inside Diameter: 1.38"
  • #H225175 : Outside Diameter: 1.75" Inside Diameter: 1.62"
  • #H225200 : Outside Diameter: 2.00" Inside Diameter: 1.87"
  • #H225225 : Outside Diameter: 2.25" Inside Diameter: 2.00"
  • #H300250 : Outside Diameter: 2.50" Inside Diameter: 2.00"

3in Hose Kit Specifications:

  • #H300300: 3.0" ID Hose - Mounts over the dumpcans 3.0" O.D. pour section.