Copaslip Anti-Seize Compound | 100g / 3.53oz squeeze tube | Molyslip 4471


SKU: 4471

Copaslip 4471 Anti-Seize Compound | 100g squeeze tube

Molyslip Copaslip is a highly effective anti-seize compound that is used throughout the world in industrial, automotive and marine applications.

Copaslip features:

  • To ensure long-lasting effectiveness, Copaslip is formulated to not harden or soften under extreme temperature and operating conditions
  • Has a very wide operating range from -40°C to +1100°C (-35°F to +2000°F) especially designed for extreme service conditions
  • Prevents metal-to-metal contact to increase reliability and component life
  • Provides permanent protection against rust and corrosion

Molyslip Copaslip is the perfect choice for heavy duty industrial, automotive and marine applications.

Why Copaslip will work for you:
Have you ever gone to use your current anti-seize and found it stiff and hard to work with? Have you ever attempted to loosen a threaded connection that you know you treated with your usual anti-seize and found it wouldn’t budge?

Ever used it on a brake job and had customers still complaining of squealing brakes?

Copaslip’s unique formulation ensures that it will not harden or soften and stays effective to 2000°F. It is designed to provide an insulating layer between metal surfaces so that dismantling and routine maintenance are free from breakage of fused parts. In most applications, you can put your torch away!

Molyslip Copaslip is recommended by both Toyota and Nissan. Use it on spark plug threads and cylinder head bolts, behind disc brake pads to prevent squeal, for slack adjusters and pivot points and throughout the exhaust system.