AGM Reservoir Piston Tool | RPT-1420



The AGM Reservoir Piston Tool provides a quick and accurate method of measuring and setting shock reservoir piston depth during service. 

In addition, the AGM Reservoir Piston Tool can be used to monitor/prevent possible piston movement while bleeding air from your shock. 

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Manufactured from high-grade steel, it's heavy duty construction ensures proper function and long life.
  • Compatible with all major brand name shock reservoirs and lengths.

What does the reservoir piston tool do and how does it work?

Answer. The Reservoir Piston tool allows you to remove the dividing piston in your shock’s reservoir for service. By threading into the dividing piston center bore, you are able to pull the piston out in a smooth, safe and non-destructive manner. This means you do not have to beat on the pistons surface to push it out or use potentially dangerous blasts of compressed shop air to force it out. In addition to removal the Reservoir Piston tool has laser etched measurements along its length so that you can mark where your dividing piston is located in the reservoir before removal. This is key when you reinstall the piston after servicing and want to return it to the manufactures specified location. The tool also makes it easy to spot any unwanted piston movement while purging the air from the main body of the shock; movement that would adversely affect the manufacturer’s total oil to nitrogen ratio.


Can I get a replacement stud for my tool?

Answer. Yes, “replacement studs” are sold separate. Contact to order - McKenzie's