AGM Acu-Center Tool



AGM’s Acu-Center tool is a precision measuring aid designed to provide fast, repeatable rod end service and replacement by providing its user with the most accurate rod end adjusted length measurement possible.

 This is accomplished through the Acu-Center’s precision fit, rod end / ball centering flange and absolute zero measuring point. So whether you’re on the street, in the dirt, up in the air, on the job site or at play, the AGM Acu-Center tool is guaranteed to make your rod end replacement faster, easier and 100% accurate


What is the advantage of using this tool and how does it work?

Answer. As its names hints the Acu-Center tool allow you to accurately find the center point of even the most worn out rod-end. Taking the guess work out of what depth you should thread your replacement rod-end in to now; and saving you hours later by eliminating the need to re-align your vehicle or component assembly. 

By locating on the side of the rod-end housing the Acu-Center tool is able to square the worn out ball to the housing. And the o-ring on the Acu-Center tool holds the ball tight up against the tool to ensure that position does not change. Now all that is needed it to measure from 1 of the 2 precision machined centering points on the Acu-center tool to either a fixed point on the component the rod end is located in or to a small punch mark on the components that is in line with the Acu-Center tool centering point (punch made by you prior to repair) Record this distance to the thousandth. Replace the worn rod-end with a new piece and set to the pre-recorded depth. It’s as simple and fast as that.