Acu-Center Tool | 8-Piece Kit | AGM ACU-KIT



All German Motorsports Acu-Center tool helps measure rod end lengths IN SECONDS. 100% ACCURATE measurement, every time. Spend LESS TIME replacing ends and reduce errors. 


  • Made in USA
  • Kit includes .250" (1/4), .312" (3/16), .375" (3/8), .500" (1/2), .625" (5/8), .750" (3/4), .875" (7/8), 1.00" (1 inch)
  • Secure Case holds each piece, with size labels

What is the advantage of using this tool and how does it work?

Answer. As its names hints the Acu-Center tool allow you to accurately find the center point of even the most worn out rod-end. Taking the guess work out of what depth you should thread your replacement rod-end in to now; and saving you hours later by eliminating the need to re-align your vehicle or component assembly. 

By locating on the side of the rod-end housing the Acu-Center tool is able to square the worn out ball to the housing. And the o-ring on the Acu-Center tool holds the ball tight up against the tool to ensure that position does not change. Now all that is needed it to measure from 1 of the 2 precision machined centering points on the Acu-center tool to either a fixed point on the component the rod end is located in or to a small punch mark on the components that is in line with the Acu-Center tool centering point (punch made by you prior to repair) Record this distance to the thousandth. Replace the worn rod-end with a new piece and set to the pre-recorded depth. It’s as simple and fast as that.