2" x 50ft Header Wrap | Copper Wrap | Thermo Tec 11032

Thermo Tec

SKU: 11032

Cool-It Products, Copper Header Wrap by Thermo Tec

SKU: 11032

Generation II Copper Header Wrap improves heat resistance up to 30% more than current technology, by utilizing a new proprietary coating developed by Thermo-Tec; improved Thermal-Conduction-Technology (T-C-T). Generation II Copper Exhaust Wrap creates more horsepower and reduces under-hood temperatures, increases exhaust scavenging, withstands continuous heat up to 2000ºF, contains no asbestos. Generation II Copper Exhaust Wrap is sold in one or two inch wide, 50 foot rolls with a low profile 1/16" thickness.