2" Ratchet Tie-Down & Axle Strap Combo - Black

Speed Strap

SKU: 27001

Our most popular 2" Tie-Down has it all. Starting with the ratchet you can see the long wide handle with a molded cushion grip that allows comfort and good leverage during use. We have even designed a cap for the barrel so it does not get beat up or harm your vehicle. The cushion release lever also acts as a locking mechinism to lock the handle in place once you have tightened it up. It features an intergrated axle strap with protective sleeve to go along with the twisted snap hooks. although the ratchet is rated at 10,000lb, that did not stop us from using 12,000lb webbing and sewing it all together with massive 346 thread. We know that the black finish dosent make it fuction much better but it looks awfully good. 3300lb SWL, 10,000LB MRC.