1/2-20 Grade 9 Hex Head Bolts - USA EcoGuard®


SKU: HAR-08F0100

HK Made in USA Grade 9 Fasteners are coated with EcoGuard(TM) Coating that meets 1000 hours of salt spray corrosion resistance.

  • Minimum Tensile Strength 180,000 psi.
  • Comes coated with an EcoGuard® finish that meets 1000 hours of salt spray corrosion resistance.
  • 3/4" Hex Head / Wrench Size
  • TORQUE VALUE: 91.4 ft-lbs
**Grip Length = Smooth, Non threaded area on bolt shank**

The following torque value are for advisory only, and its use by anyone is voluntary. Torque is only an indirect indication of tension. Under/over tightening of fasteners can result in costly equipment failure and/or personal injury. No two bolts respond exactly the same to a given torque. There are numerous "real world" complications. Things such as dirt in a tapped hole, grease of oil on the threads, damaged threads, hole misalignment, accuracy of torque measuring device, and numerous other factors can alter the torque-tension relationship. Even perfect input torque can give a variation of preload by as much as 25%. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL MCKENZIE'S BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT DAMAGE OR INJURY, ARISING OUT OF THE USE, OR INABILITY TO USE, ETC...