Company Policies

Trademarks: Mckenzie's Performance is not affiliated with or endorsed by BRP®, Can-Am®, Chevrolet®, Dodge®, Ford Motor Company®, GMC®, Jeep®, Nissan®, Polaris®, Ram Trucks®, Subaru®, Tesla, Textron®, Toyota®, VW®, Yamaha® or any other companies mentioned or whose logos are displayed within this website. Any and all vehicles and models mentioned, displayed, with or without trademark are used in/as reference to product fitment only.

- Any and all Items we sell are intended for off-road use only regardless of DOT approval, and select products may void Federal or state emissions standards, DOT regulations, local and state traffic regulations, or your private auto insurance policy. End user assumes all risk with products performance and installation. McKenzie's Performance is not responsible for any bodily or mechanical harm, etc. as a result of use or misuse of any products or product installation. Any and all products are recommended to be installed by a proper shop, mechanic, with proper equipment to perform such installation in a safe and correct manner. 

Products: McKenzie's carries thousands of products in store, and on this website. All items are subject to availability, and not guaranteed to be in stock. McKenzie's Performance strives to provide superior products, at a proper price. Prices are subject to change at any time, for any reason, in any and all currencies we list on this website. Human error does happen, thus any and all product information listed on this website are subject to review and approval prior to any and all completed sales.

Special Orders: Select products are special order only. Special Order Only items must be paid in full before ordering products from any and all manufactures, and brands. All special order items are non-returnable & non-refundable.

Returns: Any and all returns are subject to a 15% handling charge. Any and all returns must be approved by management.

  • No returns after 60 days of original purchase
  • No returns on any electrical items
  • No returns on tools
  • No returns on oil filters, air filters, & breather filters
  • No returns on any fluids, oils, lubricants, & associated products 
  • No returns on any fabrication items
  • No returns on any coils
  • No returns on any special ordered, sale, or discounted items
  • No returns on any items not in original state, as in damaged, scratched, mocked up, etc..
  • No returns on any DVD's, or promotional items

All returns shipped to McKenzie's must have proper documentation, with an original copy of purchase. Mckenzie's Performance is not responsible or liable for any damages to products occurred in transit sent in for return. It is the customers responsibility to provide proper insurance for such issues that may occur.

Shipping: McKenzie's Performance ships orders worldwide. McKenzie's reserves the right to use any shipping company we deem appropriate to handle our orders. McKenzie's strives to provide fast, proper, and price competitive shipping to all our customers. We ship standard business hours, Monday thru Friday, minus holidays and days of closure. Order fulfillment is subject to product availability, with orders being processed in a first come first serve basis. Order process may take an additional business day(s) due to high volume of orders. Any order subject to strict ETA delivery needs/demands must be presented to McKenzie’s Performance. 

  • UPS, FedEx, are our main source of shipments
  • USPS, DHL, Ontrac, are available on special occasions, subject to our approval
  • Freight Carrier & Forwarding companies may be used, subject to approval by management
  • Shipping cut off times vary by carrier and to location shipped
  • All ordered shipped are provided with proper insurance to cover cost of complete order
  • Any order received damaged from shipping must be reported within 5 business days
  • Any order received damaged not reported within 5 business days is subject to being denied on any claim. 
  • Bulk quantity orders are processed as such and may take an additional processing period for such quantity. Depending on product, size, and quantity order may be processed as “freight” and subject to standard freight procedures of delivery. 

Information: Any and all information provided on this website are for user reference only. All PDF instructions do not guarantee proper product fitment. Any and all PDF files obtained of product drawings, specification, etc.. are property of said manufacture and shall not be duplicated, copied, or used without written authorization from said manufacture. Any and all You Tube videos displayed are for reference and promotional entertainment use only. McKenzie's does not promote any expressions, opinions, actions, or idea's from any supplied literature or video content whatsoever.  


McKenzie's Performance Products are sold as "New" from supplying manufactures as represented unless otherwise specified. Any and all product warranties are only provided strictly by the supplying manufacture. McKenzie's Performance does not guarantee any of the products we sell, as all of our products are for "RACING USE ONLY". All of our products are NOT DOT approved unless stated by the supplying manufacture of said product. McKenzie's Performance is strictly a RETAIL business and does not over see, or perform quality control on the manufacturing or processes on any of the products we sell. McKenzie's Performance strives to carry premium products for competition use only, and will not sell products with known issues, or questionable integrity. McKenzie's Performance staff makes recommendation of products as for "intended purposes" only, and to manufactures and supplying companies recommendations. Product fitment is not guaranteed. McKenzie's Performance recommends all products purchased be inspected prior to use or installation to ensure proper fitment and quality is true as represented. 

  • OPEN BOX ITEMS ARE JUST THAT, NEW IN AN OPEN BOX. McKenzie's Performance is constantly reviewing products visually to ensure products are 100% correct before shipped or supplied. McKenzie's Performance strives to supply the correct item purchased, thus we constantly open products to perform inspection, and further package to ensure products survive shipping handling and arrive in new condition.

Any questions in regards to these policies please CONTACT US - McKenzie's Performance